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Thursday, April 26, 2007
{eager-beaver intern}

it's official. i'm an intern. woohoo! :) hehe, i know, i know, how mababaw can i get, right? but i can't help it. i'm actually quite excited. call me the eager-beaver intern. :)

i'm assigned to the local governance unit which quite frankly, scares me because i have yet to take up loc gov in law school but it is very interesting though my first day (today!) was quite slow. just had to proof-read something. but in any case, work is work. :)

more later, have to type up some stuff. :)

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Sunday, April 22, 2007
{all set for the beach}

i cannot believe we've finally ironed out our arrangements for boracay! i'm quite excited even if i'm probably the most anti-beach person around i'm looking forward to this trip because a)i've never been there before and b)i'll get to hang out with my friends. woohoo! :)

because i'm not beach-savvy, as early as now i've begun to plan what to bring (this is a first! hehe!). here is my preliminary checklist:
1. sunblock (i bought today... SPF 70!!)
2. cap (for more anti-sun sentiments..hehehe!)
3. toiletries
4. swimsuits (i actually bought swimsuits. *gasp!* the last one i bought and the only one i had for the longest time was in high school..)
5. sun-friendly clothing (not something i have a lot of)
6. reading material (the book-thief, undercover economist, end of poverty[i started to read it december, need to re-read it], civil code [joke lang! hehe!])
7. planner (don't ask :s)
8. flip-flops
9. shades

did i mention that i'm quite excited? :D

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Sunday, April 01, 2007
{study break!}

i know, i should be studying for my super important crim 2 finals tomorrow (please pray for me...) but i figured i deserve a short study break.

i've actually been quite distracted lately what with the impending summer vacation looming. i can't wait! to keep me inspired and sane, i've listed the books (and eventually read) i'm going to buy once finals are over.

1. shopaholic and baby (for more...)
2. the three new (or at least semi-new) alexander mccall-smith books (woohoo!)
3. how to walk in high heels (because i don't know how... hehehe)

plus i actually have to read thru the pile of books gathering dust by my bedside. books make me happy. :)

went to greenhills with a friend last weekend. saw some pretty cool stuff but i promised myself that i would not buy anything til finals are over. delayed gratification and all that jazz kuno. but at least i do have something to look forward to.

ahhhh!!!! summer!!! can't wait! :)


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