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Saturday, March 24, 2007
{dark and twisty post}

most of the time i'm a bright and shiny person, to borrow from grey's anatomy. well, more bright and shiny and happy than dark and twisty, that is. however, this is just one of those times wherein i am harboring feelings of darkness and twistiness. and i hate the feeling so allow me to rant for a short while before reverting to my relatively bright and shiny-esque existence.

why is it that when you try to be as fair and impartial as possible, it blows up on your face?
why is it that when you try to be nice and accommodating, people see it as a go-signal to step all over you and abuse your (relative) kindness?
why is it that when you mind your own business, people bother you about something you had absolutely nothing to do with?
why is it that when you try to follow the golden rule, give everyone her (or his) due, try to observe basic courtesy because after all you are a human being, people DO NOT.
and why is it that people disappoint you sometimes? haaayyyy... :(

there's a big, fat and decidedly dead cat outside the house. its body has been decomposing since yesterday. someone probably dumped the body by the street corner since cats who are victims of hit and run accidents usually are found in the middle of the street. that's my hypothesis anyhow. in any case, i'm reminded of this one time i was driving along quezon avenue. a cat was crossing the street and suddenly stopped in front of my car. i stopped for a few minutes thinking to give it time to cross the street since the cats i've encountered lately have a penchant for crossing when cars are running. after waiting for some time, i started the car again thinking the car had already crossed then suddenly i felt the left rear tire go over something that had a really big chance of being that cat crossing the road. it figures that you stop to give it time to cross but you end up running it over anyway. sort of like what's been happening lately. i do something in the hopes that everything will turn out alright but end up causing what i initially sought to avoid to happen. boo.

sorry. 'twas just one of those days when i woke up and it seemed that the world isn't a very nice place. i hope things will be better tomorrow.

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Friday, March 23, 2007
{way past bedtime}

i'm supposed to be studying right now. but NO. as per usual, i've been doing everything but studying. although i am pasaway more often than not, my pasaway-ness reaches its heights during finals season. i don't know why but i figured it has to do with the fact that i just get really excited for the upcoming break.

i can't wait til summer. i know it's going to be quite hectic but i am nevertheless looking forward to it. but wow, time does fly. i can't believe i've been in law school for practically an entire academic year already.

on the downside, i still feel as stupid and incompetent as ever. instead of gaining knowledge and profoundness and what not, i feel as if i am regressing. not only am i incompetent but i am publicly so. gah.

what i would do to be able to crawl under a rock (or at least my blanket) and stay there til finals are over...


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Friday, March 16, 2007
{i love dove :)}

i absolutely LOVE the new Dove ad! Saw it on TV the other day and i couldn't help but wish they had ads like that when i was younger. i remember the days when it was too painful to even look at myself in the mirror because i thought i was too ugly and too fat. not to mention the fact that i had to contend with my self-inflicted self-esteem issues on how stupid, klutzy, etc. i was. it took me quite some time to realize that a)i cannot do anything about the way that i look because i am a product of genetics (even if i AM the genetic black sheep in my family :s hahaha!), b)how i look does NOT in any way define who i am, and c)i had to learn to accept myself for being ME despite all my imperfections and irregularities. don't get me wrong, it sometimes still is painful to look at myself in the mirror and all but i've gradually begun to accept and love myself. (haha, talk about narcissistic... :s) :)

i love this add, too:

i commend Dove for initiating their Campaign for Real Beauty. Though it IS evidently a marketing strategy on their part, it works! it's pro-active. it recognizes the problem of self-esteem as something that needs to be addressed and has taken positive steps in order to empower girls. i agree, every girl deserves to feel good about herself. :)

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Thursday, March 15, 2007
{i should really be studying...}

survey copied off lia-duck's blog :s

1. What Curse Word Do You Use The Most?

2. Do You Own An Ipod?
yup... or rather i owned a pretty aqua ipod mini til it disappeared/got stole. sniff. :(

3. What Person Do You Talk To The Most?
my brother, blockmates, friends

4. What Time Is Your Alarm Set To?
it depends... usually 8ish

5. Do You Want To Fall In Love?
why not? :s

6. Do You Wear Flip-Flops When It's Cold?
sometimes (but then cold here is different from cold elsewhere hehe)

7. Would You Rather Take The Picture Or Be In The Picture?
take the picture (i'm horribly and decidedly UNphotogenic..haha)

8. What was the last movie you watched?

9. Do Any Of Your Friends Have Children?
yup think so :)

10. Has Anyone Ever Called You Lazy?
yup.. me, myself and i.hahaha

11. Do You Ever Take Medication To Help You Fall Asleep?

12. What CD Is Currently In Your Cd Player?
hehehe... mp3 players are the way to go.. :)

13. Do You Prefer Regular Or Chocolate Milk?

14. Has Anyone Told You A Secret This Week?
hrm.. nope

15. When Was The Last Time You Had Starbucks?
yup..last tuesday :)

16. Can You Whistle?

18. Do You Think People Talk About You Behind Your Back?
hope not :s

19. Did You Watch Cartoons As A Child?
of course! :D

20. What Movie Do You Know Every Line To?
clueless and legally blonde! :D

21.Have You Ever Done The Dirty In A Field?
what's The Dirty? doubt it... :)

23. Do You Own Any Band T-Shirts?

24. Is anyone in love with you?
haha i don't think so

26. Do You Do Your Own Dishes?
nope... (i'm useless with household chores)

27. Ever Cry In Public?
unfortunately yes

28. Are You On A Desktop Computer Or A Laptop?

29. Are You Currently Wanting Any Piercings Or Tattoo?
nope... one on each ear is enough :)

30. What's The Weather Like?
pretty cool considering summer's imminent

31. Would You Ever Date Anyone Covered In Tattoos?
hrm.. i'll cross the bridge if i ever get there

32. What Did You Do Before This?
study for oblicon finals

33. When Was The Last Time You Slept On The Floor?
last election in the HQ..hahaha

34. How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Need To Function?

35. Do You Eat breakfast Daily?
yup! :D

36. Are Your Days Full And Fast Paced?

37. Do You Pay Attention To The Calories In The Package/Box?
yes but only because i love reading cereal boxes, food packages, etc.

38. Do You Use Sarcasm?
think so :)

40. Are You Picky About Spelling And Grammar?
oh yes :D

41. Have You Ever Been To Six Flags?
nope... Disney theme parks all the way! :)

43. Do You Get Along Better With The Same Sex Or The Opposite?
Same though i have good friends from the opposite

44. Do You Like Mustard?
dijon mustard especially :)

45. Do You Sleep On Your Side, Stomach Or Back?
usually side

46. Do You Watch The News?

47. How Did You Get One Of Your Scars?
do i have scars?

48. Who Was The Last Person To Make You Mad?
hehehehe... i'll keep that to myself :D

49. Do You Like Anybody?
nope, not anymore

50.What Is The Last Thing You Purchased?
food!!! i need to go shopping soon! :)


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

elections are finally over! woohoo! :) ever since noel told me that he had decided to run for USC councilor and asked if i would be his campaign manager, i felt burdened in the sense that i knew it would be as though i myself was running.

it certainly felt that way for the last three weeks. not only was i in constant headless chicken slash dying frog mode due to activities for two organizations celebrating consecutive org weeks, but i also had to contend with acads (what's that? haha, joke lang!), alyansa responsibilities, and my brother's campaign and other incidentals (hahahaha). i feel that i haven't slept in three weeks (probably true). haha.

of course, the past few weeks, i felt that i was going around looking like total and utter trash. in fact it was a big blow to my already low self-esteem when i saw recent pictures of myself. i'm so ugly pala. nope, i'm not fishing. it's a fact. oh well, such is life i guess. :s

election season was fun in a masochistic way. but i'm glad it's over. even gladder most of my "political babies" won. plus my not-so-baby brother bear won as USC Councilor. woohoo! i've realized that i'm most emotional during this time of year. plus i do strange things. plus while i've always know makapal talaga ang mukha ko, the pakapalan reached record highs during the past few days. well worth it, i think.

been also really lucky the past few weeks as i haven't really been called on for recit. really good considering i haven't really been in acad mode lately. talk about pasaway .

finals are a couple of weeks away. time to focus on acads. :s

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Sunday, March 04, 2007
{NOEL REYES for USC Councilor! :)}

for more stage sister-ness... hehehehe! but really, i can vouch for his competence. :)

It’s quite difficult to be a student what with the academic load and the occasional extra-curricular activity. It’s even harder to be a student-leader because not only are you trying to juggle your academic and personal life, but you also have to take into consideration the interests and concerns of your fellow students. It is because of this difficulty that only a select few have responded to the challenge.

NOEL REYES is one of the few who has risen to the occasion. His track record speaks for itself. Not only does he hone his skills as the incumbent Media and Publicity Councilor of the School of Economics Student Council, but he is also actively involved in different organizations. And despite all his extra-curricular activities, he still manages to excel academically.

NOEL is someone who puts 110% into everything that he does and that fact is evidenced by the quality of his work. For him, mediocrity is not an option. He always strives for what is best, what is excellent.

More importantly, NOEL is a man of vision and principle. He has firm convictions and when what he so believes are worth fighting for, he is not afraid to speak his mind and stand his ground. He is not bound by any other interests but those of his fellow students.

We believe that the University Student Council needs student-leaders who not only work hard and represent our interests, but also those who have the passion and heart for service, those who have a vision of greatness for our us and beloved University. NOEL REYES has all these qualities and definitely much, much more.

That is why we are rallying behind him and that is why on March 6, 2007, we will definitely vote for NOEL REYES for USC Councilor.

We hope you do the same.

-friends and supporters of Noel

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{Forge a DEAL for Progressive Change}

This year’s University Student Council elections present us a crucial choice – to remain stuck in the politics of dogmatism and compromise, or usher in an inspiring brand of leadership.

Far from offering empty slogans or mere posturing, ALYANSA is inviting students to forge a deal for progressive change. With a comprehensive program of action in the USC, ALYANSA offers a deal that is representative of the interests of UP students.

ALYANSA offers to Deliver relevant services. We recognize the everyday needs of UP students, and we aim to serve those needs through concrete initiatives. We feel that an effective Council is an institution that prioritizes services equally with campaigns and activities

ALYANSA offers to Empower students through animating activities. We acknowledge the numerous interests of UP students, and we seek to maximize participation by catering to these. Our agenda is innovative, as well as realistic.

ALYANSA offers to Advocate relevant issues and campaigns. We believe that the USC should be a melting pot of discourse, advocating decisive yet multi-perspective action. Our brand of activism harnesses our collective idealism, yet challenges us to be proactive and pragmatic.

ALYANSA offers to Lead by example. We are convinced that student leaders should conduct themselves in a manner worthy of respect. Our leadership advocates genuine dialogue and peace, as we realize that our opinions must be respected, and our diversity should be protected.

In seeking to deliver, empower, advocate, and lead, ALYANSA offers a deal that seeks to change the way we see the USC. We challenge our fellow students to forge that deal, and claim a hopeful future.

On March 6, 2007, vote straight ALYANSA for a progressive and dynamic University Student Council!!! :)

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